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High Noon Saloon books bands from all over the world in a variety of genres, including rock, indie, metal, alt-country, pop, punk, bluegrass, folk, jam, and world music.  If you want your band to be considered for a show at High Noon Saloon, please email us the following info about your band:

• Social media links
• Link to music (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube)
• Dates requested
• Video content if you have any
• Previous show history in Madison or Wisconsin

Please allow at least 2-4 weeks for us to review your band before following up with us. We do listen to every submission, but since we often receive over 100 submissions a month, it takes some time to get through them. If you are looking for a last-minute show, we’ll do what we can, but you should indicate what date you need in the subject line of your email.

High Noon Saloon Talent Buyer

Joe Burbach

Promoting Your Show

After we book your band at High Noon, we will help promote your show online and throughout the city – but we also expect you to work on your own promotions wherever possible in order to make for a successful show.  We include all shows on our website and will help with promotion on social media and email newsletters.  We can also facilitate printing flyers or handbills to give to your friends and fans and to hang up around town.  Once your show is booked, please coordinate marketing efforts with Tori (

Finally, we strongly urge that you don’t book another local show within two weeks before or after your show here. Doing so cannibalizes our combined promotional efforts, and ultimately reduces the number of fans you can draw to our show.